A Fiber-Based Diet Technique To Burn More Fat

fiber facts

Here is a strategic diet hack that involves fiber you can use to burn more fat. The idea behind this hack is to burn more fat during the day. The way to do this is ensure as few insulin spikes as possible. When insulin gets spiked, your body is in “storage mode”. You will stop burning fat.

Managing insulin levels is the key to losing the last bit of stubborn body fat.

  • It is trickier than many imagine.
  • Whey protein can spike the blood sugar and insulin.
  • Eggs can spike the blood sugar along with insulin.
  • I have to be honest, I knew whey protein spiked blood sugar, but did not know that about Eggs.

Note: I have to thank Kiefer and his diet programs for the egg info.

So here’s the diet hack I’ve been using – A fiber supplement!

This is a really cheap diet tool. Fiber slows down the absorption of food so much less likely to get a blood sugar spike regardless of what you eat. I also take a teaspoon of organic coconut oil if I think there is a potential for a blood sugar spike.

Fiber + Healthy Fat = Stable Insulin Levels

If you are drinking protein shakes, as a meal replacement, consider adding fiber and coconut oil to the shake. The nice thing about both fiber and coconut oil is that they really help aid the digestive system as well.

What I try and do is keep insulin levels stable for 3-4 days at a time. Then purposely spike my insulin levels every so often at night. This resets leptin levels. So the leptin gets the body back in fat burning mode. Once it is in fat burning mode, I use the coconut oil and fiber as tools to keep the body in fat burning mode.

  • There are times when you will purposely want to avoid fiber and fat.
  • Right after you train, you will want no fat or fiber in your protein shake (or post workout meal).
  • When you are trying to spike insulin to reset leptin levels.
  • If you want to get deep into the science of carbs, stable insulin and fat loss.

I used to think fiber supplements were only for old people. Turns out it is a healthy way to assist your diet in burning off that last bit of stubborn body fat. When supplementing with fiber, go easy on the serving size. It can give you a bit of a stomach ache if you use too much. I typically use about half the recommended dose and just take it with two separate meals.

Here are two really solid strategies.

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