Fat Burning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Fat Burning

Is there any difference in fat burning workouts for men and women?

Not necessarily. In both genders, workouts don’t change a bit. Though the effect of workouts does change. Women, who naturally don’t have as much muscle mass as men, tend to lose weight slowly and it’s often frustrating experience for them.

The set of exercises, workouts, plan doesn’t change much at all.

What kind of workout plan you recommend for best fat burning?

You should schedule at least strength training, weight lifting and an Intense cardio session for your workouts. When I was starting out and wanted to lose fat, I built my whole routine while taking care of the above points.

Important thing you should remember is that do not spend too much time in gym.

Most of my workouts at that time ended up in 35-40 minutes. That’s it. I do not plan to hang out in a gym all day. When I planned it in this manner the intensity of my workout increased automatically and gave me nice fat burning effects.

What kind of food do you recommend?

Anything that can be either hunted down (meat, fish) or grown (fruits, veggies) is good idea to eat. I don’t like eating unnatural canned food. Even Things like Chips, colas and other stuff are not recommended.

What about fat loss pills and supplements?

Nope, I don’t think these thing are any good. Most of these suppress your appetite and thus cutting down on calories. This is surefire way to slow down your metabolism.

You are far better off by planning a proper nutrition guide for a week. 4-6 meals per day is pretty good idea.

Can you talk about Fat burning zone or heart rate?

Are you telling me that if you don’t reach a specific point, you won’t lose fat? That’s kind of bull. Let’s say if we take other experts recommendation about 20 minutes as fat burning zone.

So according to this theory, I’d not get any results if I stop at 19 minutes 58 second?

Now I am exaggerating, but let’s say if I stop working out at around 10 minutes, I’ll not lose fat? That’s wrong. Anyone who’ve tried my 10 minute workouts, knows that you can drop fat within 10 minutes of workout.

There are many factors that help you lose weight. Time is just one of them.